Mrs. Berry-Furtado


Welcome back! This school year I am teaching Math 6, Math 7 and Math 8! I am excited about exploring Math at the Grade 6 level. Even more, I am excited about meeting all of my new students, while getting to work with those I taught last year. 

I must stress the importance of coming to class prepared with all necessary materials. This includes binder, textbook, calculator, pencil and eraser. These are vital to success in all levels of Math. 

In Math 7 & 8, my eTeacher page will be devoted to posting an online version of the textbook. In the event a student forgets theirs at school, or would simply prefer to leave it at school and utilize this feature, you will find it here! 

Unfortunately, there is no online version of the textbook in Math 6. However, I will provide a link on my eTeacher page to access support and practice questions for parents and students instead. 

As a means of communication, you will receive regular emails from me which include the week(s) to come and provide you with any prior notice of upcoming exams and other important dates.

In addition, students will receive a progress report at the end of every chapter. Our school goal is to go live and for you, as parents, to access their marks online. Whichever the case may be, you will receive frequent communication involving their marks. My goal in doing so is to provide you with feedback on assignment completion, their level of success specific to each chapter and identify their overall mark.

I look forward to a wonderful year!

Dawn Berry-Furtado